Thursday, February 27, 2020

Final Exam Term Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words - 2

Final Exam - Term Paper Example For example a juvenile may be required to avoid committing any form of crime. Discretionary conditions refer to the requirements that may not result in revocation of probation and depends on the judge’s decision (Del, 2006). For example: the juvenile may be required to stay at home during weekends. 3. Knowledge includes legal rules regarding juvenile probation system such as the age limit of the offender to be recognized as a juvenile delinquent (Del, 2006). Knowledge of rehabilitation programs for delinquents such as knowledge of group rehabilitation programs. Skills include the ability to work with delinquents. For example probation officers may be required to communicate with juveniles in an empathetic manner. 4. Various roles and duties of juvenile probation officers include managing cases of different juvenile offenders (Del, 2006). Furthermore they have to provide recommendations regarding the conditions that govern the probation period. They even have to facilitate the juveniles in following as well as understanding their probation conditions. They have to develop standards of supervising juveniles and remain in contact with families looking after them. 5. Miranda warnings are guidelines that the police officers have to provide to suspects regarding their silence and their confessions. These warnings are provided while suspects are in custody and are going to be interrogated (Del, 2006). In case of juvenile suspects, they are to be provided with Miranda warnings as soon as they are arrested. The probation officer reads Miranda warnings to juvenile suspect, right before interrogating the suspect. 6. There are various cases that reveal the conditions required for testing school athletes for drug testing. These conditions include the voluntary participation of the student in the test and there needs to be a purpose for conducting a drug test such as the purpose of identifying whether a student is eligible to take part in

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